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Internet of Things

By | Wednesday, 28 September 2016|Agriculture, Innovator, New Zealand Innovators|

Founder of Kotahi, Vikram Kumar has a track record of innovation and wide knowledge about all things Internet. He takes a strategic approach while working at an entrepreneur level, pushing both creativity and operational excellence. Vikram has worked across business, government and not-for-profit sectors in New Zealand. He often writes about Internet issues and opportunities: translating complexity and getting to the essence in an accessible way.

Auckland Roofing Solutions

By | Wednesday, 21 September 2016|New Zealand Innovators|

Michael Quellin, Owner of one of Auckland's leading Roofing firm, Auckland Roofing Solutions, used his "fingers," to source, for the supply and availability of a suitable Paint touch Pen.

Innovators Entrepreneurs Inventors

By | Wednesday, 29 October 2014|New Zealand Innovators|

New Zealand Innovators has adopted the basic concept, and is using the most commonly used social networking sites- Facebook, Google Plus and micro-blogging sites- Twitter & Tumblr. Video sharing sites- YouTube & Vimeo.

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