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The foundation Members of this Website are a proud testament to both fellow New Zealanders and the rest of the world, highlighting their Innovative and Entrepreneurial skills that have contributed to the continuing expansion of business in New Zealand.

Innovators Portfolios

Acos Beer Filler

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Premium Craft Beer has an enemy - oxygen. Even tiny amounts will degrade Craft Beer flavour and shelf life. Why go to the effort of controlling the entire brewing process only to have your beer affected by oxygen once it is in the bottle?

Rental Cars Hamilton

7 Days service, won't be beaten on car hire price, NZ owned and operated.

Multi Rotor Airframes


Based in New Zealand Aeronavics Ltd are the designers and manufacturers of advanced multi-rotor airframes, RTF craft and related accessories for New Zealand and the ever expanding market in aerial robotic systems

Inter Plant Weeder


A mechanical non-chemical inter-plant weeder for precision planted crops Has worked in most soil types including, heavy silt loams, clay-based silt loams, stony silt loams, sandy soils, pumice and various peat soils

BJC Elements

BJC Elements Ltd manufacture an extensive range of products for industrial applications in a multitude of forms, sizes and materials, including custom designs and prototypes

Axiam Engineering Company

AXIAM is an engineering company manufacturing complex components in plastics and metals for clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

Tabak Business Sales


With Tabak Hamilton being the only specialist business brokering company based in the Waikato for many years, they have been able to gain dominant position in the business sales market within the area. This gaining them recognition in the Deloitte Fast 50, 2 years in a row.

Fine Blanking


As world leaders in fine blanking technology, we've perfected the art of creating fully customized, premium quality precision tools and parts

Clamp Products


Clamp Products manufactures hand swagers, and swage ferrules (other names: talurits, sleeves, crimps).



Bremca's engineered solutions are designed and manufactured with the components we sell. This intimate, real world experience benefits our customers because we actually use the products we represent. A rarity in todays marketplace.

Magnum Equine Supplies


Manufactuers of quality Horse Walkers, Aqua Walkers, Horse Stables, Stable Hardware, Feed/Water Bins, Mare and Foal Crushs, Gates and Grain Crushers for the Equine and Agricultural Industries.



Handypiece offers crutching and electric shearing equipment that’s specifically designed to benefit the farmer ‘out the back’ - away from the sheds and away from the power.

Freds Overalls

Designed and made by a NZ Woman Dairy Farmer Lynelle Flynn Practical overalls for all aspects of farming. Milking, calf feeding, collecting calves, putting up fences in high grass or crop paddocks and general work on a farm. The item is designed to keep the front of your legs dry and around the top of your gumboots at the back of your legs.


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The Idea for Clean Cow was born out of repeated requests from farmers at Mystery Creek over a number of years while displaying my onsite waste water business Simple Waste Water Solutions Ltd.

Kiwick Alpaca

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Durable varnished ply table top offers a tough and easy clean work surface For all your alpaca husbandry needs: Shearing, vaccinations, teeth and toe trimming, castratios, and even the occasional caesarian

The Wrangler

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The Wrangler is a family owned and operated company designing and manufacturing awesome innovative animal handling products for the dairy industry.


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We believe the Internet of Things (IoT) is misunderstood and under-appreciated. This is a challenge but also an opportunity.For us, the Internet of Things is about understanding and controlling the physical world in real time. Just as the Internet has transformed digital industries- such as communications and entertainment- so will the Internet of Things transform physical industries- such as agriculture and infrastructure



Phone Vikram Kumar 021937211 For further Information

Agri Smart

You can access AgriSmart anywhere from any device as long as you have an internet connection. It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use. All leave balances are at your fingertips, all staff time is held on file. For both Employers and Employees Agrismart provides full transparency

Pollen Smart


More efficient use of pollen Can achieve near perfect pollination Pollinate at the optimal time without having to wait for contractor Evenly pollinated crop reduces no.of 42, 39, 18, & 16 sized fruit Easy to move between orchards Ability to pollinate multiple times at low rates


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AgFirst Engineering personnel all have rural experience, having either owned farms, coming from a farming background or have been directly involved in farming and horticultural operations. They understand the importance of cost, and the importance of achieving the required outcome.



The Ag Oxijet™ is a water-saving yard wash down nozzle. Based on our innovative Oxijet™ water saving technology, the nozzle draws air into the water stream, jetting the water through tiny nozzles, volumising and pressurising the water stream. the AgOxijet is poised to transform the way New Zealand’s huge number of dairy farm sheds are washed down, and help both farmers and the environment.

Pesky Ideas

Wingo: Tony Overbeek hates birds. They crap on his farm equipment, cause havoc in the sheds and are a serious health hazard for his farm and his animals.

Quickloader Tiedown NZ

Although vastly improved, longer webbing and stronger than similar products available Quickloader retains the same locking mechanism and webbing as traditional ratchet tie-downs. The new design Quickloader automatically rolls up in resting position and can secure any load

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3D Cards

By | Wednesday, 21 September 2016|Uncategorized|

Cards generally compliment a gift one is giving---These cards are a gift in their own right.

Auckland Roofing Solutions

By | Wednesday, 21 September 2016|New Zealand Innovators|

Michael Quellin, Owner of one of Auckland's leading Roofing firm, Auckland Roofing Solutions, used his "fingers," to source, for the supply and availability of a suitable Paint touch Pen.

Batten King

By | Wednesday, 31 August 2016|Agriculture, Inventor|

Using Batten King takes less than one minute per batten or just a few seconds using a staple gun. It is a one man operation saving time and halving labor.

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