Project Description

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Company: Akarua Winery

Akarua Cairnmuir Road Vineyard
Vines, which are mostly trained using the Vertical Shoot Positioning system, are planted at 2,500 to 3,000 per hectare. Soil moisture is monitored weekly to make sure that the vines are not water-stressed and to ensure that water is never wasted.
All three areas have excellent drainage and enough soil to maintain grapevines with a modest crop load to produce clean, concentrated grapes typical to their variety.
The plantings are 90% Pinot Noir with Pinot Gris and Chardonnay sharing the balance with a small area of Riesling plantings on Redback Ridge

Akarua Felton Road Vineyard
The vineyard is 100% planted on grafted rootstocks, which means that we have phylloxera tolerant vines.
The plantings are 87% Pinot Noir with Pinot Gris and Riesling sharing the balance
The vineyards were planted in 2000 and 2001
Akarua Lowburn Vineyard
The Lowburn vineyard is situated on the Luggate – Cromwell Rd
The Lowburn block runs back to the foothills of the Pisa Range from the road, and is a flat almost rectangular block.
The soils on this site are challenging, ranging from free draining fine loam over schist based alluvial gravels to deposits of a silt / clay loam that offer high water retention. This can change several times within a row and across irrigation zones.

Water and nutrient management are critical, and finding the balance required across varying soils is challenging
Vines are currently 50/50 split between cane and spur pruned, the spur pruned typically being on the heavier soils.
Shoots are positioned using the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) and are planted at 2,500 per hectare.
Rows are orientated North/South
The plantings are 100% Pinot Noir and are predominantly Clone 5 and 6