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Acos Beer Filling and Capping Machine

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Phone: +64 27 439 2123
Company: Acos Ltd.

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Rotary Beer Filler - 6 To 10 Bottles/Minute

Fast filling speed. Can process a minimum of 6 bottles a minute.
Designed to ensure low oxygen levels in the bottle.
No overhead filling tank required. Fluids piped or tubed in.
Does not require power/electricity to operate. Can be automated.
Sustainable - given footprint, mechanics of operation (versus current industry filling solutions)
Uses a positive displacement pump. This gives a very accurate fill and reduces product wastage.
Fills from the bottom and controls the fill rate. This gives fast filling, especially when compared to traditional filling solutions.
Pressure and fill speed is controlled during filling.
Capping is done under pressure.
Capping on the foam is also controlled.
Bottle and PET compatible.
Crown cap or screw cap compatible
Bottle size changes can be carried out quickly (in one to two minutes).
Easy to clean and maintain.
Sustainable filling solution given footprint and mechanics of operation.
Protected Intellectual property. Patented and patent pending technology.