Project Description


Phone: + 64 (0) 21 776 916
Company: Bin Shuttle Ltd.

The Bin Shuttle

Towed by a suitable ATV
Two models, single bin or 2 bin lifting trailer
No heavy tractors or trailers required
Minimal orchard damage/compaction/mud etc
Fast & maneuverable
Take out 2 or 4 Empty bins and place ahead of pickers
Pick up and bring back 1 or 2 full bins
350 or 700kg load capacity
On board battery with tow vehicle charging
Proven to continuously shuttle fruit bins all day
Optional plug-in smart charger for overnight recharge
Wireless up/down winch controller on tow vehicle (velcro mount)
Suits one or two 1200 x 1200 footprint size bins
Suits pallet and fruit crate system with optional support frame