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Company: Polymer Systems International Ltd

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Dairy Flo

DairyFlo milking liners are manufactured from impact resistant polyurethane. Now available pre-coupled with lightweight plastic shell taking all the hassle of liner changeover away from your busy lifestyle.
Designed to outlast other products on the market because they do not break down or absorb any milk fats or chemicals with full food grade approval. Polyurethane is lighter weight than rubber, it is a thermoplastic material rather than thermoset meaning its properties can be re- processed and recycled. DairyFlo liners have been specifically designed to retrofit most milking machine types meaning minimal disturbance to production

Non-Absorbent. DairyFlo Soft Plastic doesn’t crack, perish, or deteriorate from chemical washing or milk fat absorption, so there are no cavities where bacteria can accumulate.
see-through See-Through. Traces of blood and other impurities are easily identified as they pass through.
longer-lasting Longer Lasting. DairyFlo Soft Plastic liners last at least twice as long as rubber liners – saving money and time spent on replacement.
environmentally-friendly Environmentally Friendly. All DairyFlo products are 100% food grade approved and recyclable.