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DC Ross

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Company: DC Ross Ltd.

Fine Blanking
Cutting-edge precision for your parts

Save time and money with fine blanking - a unique fully automated heavy gauge precision metal stamping process that can produce up to 100 components per minute. Highly accurate and efficient, fine blanking produces, in one single step, smooth-edged precision parts that would require multiple operations, set-ups and hours to create using other processes.

As world leaders in fine blanking technology, we've perfected the art of creating fully customized, premium quality precision tools and parts - whatever your needs.

We provide consistent dimensional control every time - creating highly accurate components from virtually any malleable metal type. Our superior technology allows us to include countersinks, teeth, extrusions, semi-pierces, weld projections, coined chamfers, counter bores or offsets in your components, giving you the perfect part every time.