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Company: Ideasinc Ltd

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Nil Discharge Cow Shed Wash Down
The Idea for Clean Cow was born out of repeated requests from farmers at Mystery Creek over a number of years while displaying my onsite waste water business Simple Waste Water Solutions Ltd.

The Ark – A Relocatable Building

The Ark is technically a boat, but will happily live on land. Because The Ark isn’t a permanent structure, it doesn’t require a resource consent or permit.

The Ark can be setup 100% off grid, with rainwater collection, a waste water garden, solar panels for lightning and gas for heat and cooking.
Length on deck: 6m
Water line length: 6m
Beam: 4.8m
Displacement: 2.5 tonne
Power: 5hp Barge Seagull
Draft: 280mm


Keep Things Cool Without Power
The EcoCooler stays cool without the need for any external power – all you need is water.

Great for camping, or keeping drinks cold buy the pool, or as a fridge replacement if you live off-grid.
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