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Company: Plant Detection Systems Ltd
Postal: PDS Ltd. King Road, RD3, Napier 4183

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Inter – Plant Weeder

A mechanical non-chemical inter-plant weeder for precision planted crops
Has worked in most soil types including, heavy silt loams, clay-based silt loams, stony silt loams, sandy soils, pumice and various peat soils
Has successfully been used in conventionally-worked, strip till, and reduced tillage prepared plantings.

Inter-plant weeder units mounted on a hydraulic side shift tool bar that can be manually operated or automated with the use of GPS and/or infrared cameras.
Has been designed to run with a minimum of a 60 hp tractor – recommended when operating a toolbar of 3 units
Has consistently inter-plant weeded squash crops on a commercial scale in excess of one hectare per hour at a ground speed of three to four kph
Has been designed to be of low maintenance with simple adjustment

One Andweeder™ unit can weed three plants per second.
A tool bar of 3 Andweeder™ units successfully and consistently inter-plant weeds in excess of one hectare an hour in squash fields.

A toolbar of three Andweeder™ units can weed in one hour what one worker can hand hoe in one day.

Andweeder™ is consistently accurate with a mortality rate generally less than two percent and not exceeding three percent.

One tractor driver is required to operate the Andweeder™. If operated with manual shift, an additional person may be required.