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Phone: +64 (0)7 825 5058
Company: Aeronavics Ltd
Postal: 226 Okete Road Raglan, New Zealand

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Aerial Robotics

Based in New Zealand, Aeronavics Ltd are the designers and manufacturers of advanced multi-rotor airframes, RTF craft and related accessories for New Zealand and the ever expanding market in aerial robotic systems for aerial photography, filmmaking, professional cinematography and service sector applications worldwide.
An enthusiastic committed team of skilled engineers with a passion for flight  the crew is driven by a desire to break new ground and advance the potential of aerial robotics as a tool for creating art, capturing beauty, providing safety, search and rescue operations and ultimately for human evolution. They have a fascination and a belief for these craft of the endless possibilities in what they can do.
Aeronavics Ltd takes pride in its products and manufacturing processes, choosing green and earth friendly options where possible. Our extensive Research and Development ensures our products are designed and engineered to the highest degree. Our products feature state-of-the-art composite aerospace and industrial grade materials that are engineered to perfection. With solutions for tiny GoPro and FLIR thermal imaging equipment through to Hollywood grade “RED” cameras.Aeronavics Ltd has the most comprehensive range of craft types worldwide.

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