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Project Description

The Wrangler

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They say necessity is the mother of great inventions, and this certainly rang true for the Wrangler.

As a sharemilkers, Wilco and Waverley Klein Ovink found hooves dangerous and difficult to do with nothing more than a piece of rope tying the rope to a railing. In fact it was while watching another farmer tie up a cow’s leg only to have her fall and break her hip that Wilco got thinking there had to be a better way. He built a Wrangler for themselves and found it invaluable for other tasks too.
The Wrangler makes hoof care hassle free. Safe for the cow, safe for the farmer, as well as quick, easy, and efficient. Designed by a farmer for New Zealand conditions, it is made to be strong, durable, with little maintenance required. Not only is the Wrangler the best way to do hooves, it is also unbeatable for calving cows and any other handling requirements. Fixed, Mobile, or Road Registered, there’s a Wrangler to suit every farm.