Mauto-suppichael Quellin, Owner of one of Auckland’s leading Roofing firm, Auckland Roofing Solutions, used his “fingers,” to source, for the supply and availability of a suitable Paint touch Pen, to repair a number of scratches to a Colour Steel Cladding,on a recently completed project.

His initial comment to Auto Supply Company was ” these pens need to be really effective or we will be facing both, a time consuming, and expensive exercise to complete, to both our customers satisfaction, and our, naturally,” jealously, ” regarded reputation as a ‘Quality first Company’.

The end result, in Micheal’s own words,”Thanks to, and Auto Supply Company,the repair has been magic”.

The result has been a ‘win-win situation, for both Micheal’s Company,and Auto Supply Company.

Micheal bought a few extra pens,so his Wife’s car, could well be off to the local Paint Shop to match & mix some paint, to cover some scratches, he may have been responsible for!!