Faster Cheaper Safer Batten KinBatten Kingg
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Key Benefits & Features
Galvanised Handle, Hot Dip Galvanised Channel, M10 Stainless Steel Screws, 3mm Stainless Steel Slider
Using Batten King takes less than one minute per batten or just a few seconds using a staple gun. It is a one man operation saving time and halving labour.
The batten is held in place by one wire allowing staples to be applied to the other wires in a
nice even manner.
It works as a dolly whilst stapling providing a firm, stable surface to hit against while Batten King is a safer way to fence because it eliminates the need to physically hold the batten in place while stapling. This eliminates the risk of injury via jarring or accidentally hitting hands with a hammer.
A one person operation. Staple a batten in less than one minute or just seconds with a staple gun.

Assembly & Usage


Detach handle & re-bolt to outside using an 8mm AF Allen Key


Push Batten King into the ground, insert batten & hold at height required


Staple all wires except wire held by slider

Drop slider onto second wire


Drop slider to third wire & staple second wire