BruceBruce Woodfield owner of Palmerston Extension Ladder Company Ltd., says “It all started in 1937 when a painter friend asked my Grandfather to make him a ladder.”This was the start of a timber manufacturing business that has survived a World War and economic ups and downs over 7 decades and 3 generations of family managers.

Bruce has developed Pelco into a hi-tech, innovative wood products manufacturer, export orientated and dedicated to high quality design and production aimed at the upper end of the market. The company first made its impact in New Zealand with Oregon Extension Ladders and later branched into Joinery for the local market, then into Fleetcraft plywood boats and later into Oars and Paddles which are marketed under the Brand name “Gull Superior Oars and Paddles.

“The production of ‘Gull’ Oars and Paddles marked the beginning of Pelco’s foray into export markets,Commencing with Australia in 1972 and then USA, UK and Japan. To cope with the demand Pelco designed and built, on site, an interconnected line of high tech, computer controlled, mass production machinery which is unique in the Oar and Paddle industry and which enabled the company to cope with a worldwide market which was increasing annually.As with the Gull oar production line, a group of specialized machines been designed and built for automated production of ‘Lamilite’ ladders and the company is now seeking joint-venture partners to produce LamiliteLadders in other countries. This would include the supply of high tech machinery and expertise along with a production and royalty agreement. PELCO is continuing to develop Lamilite Ladders with further new innovative features soon to be introduced to production ladders, and is also continuing to develop the production methods. Pelco’s aim is to design the world’s safest and most customer friendly Ladders and to produce and market them worldwide. Interested in an investment with a world-wide future?