While we are always looking for excellence in innovation, design, and manufacturing, a recent trip to Wanganui,

[ can’t put the H in Wanganui, it’s how it was spelt when I went to boarding school there –I’m to Young to change now!! ] The business I came across, Designs And Manufactures 3D Cards. It is very much a Home Craft One.The cards will “blow you away, ” when you visit their Web Site Via nzinnovators.co.nz

The range of car3DCARDSds cover, birthdays, Xmas, anniversaries etc.

Cards generally compliment a gift one is giving—These cards are a gift in their own right.

I know I’m going to be a ‘Hit’ when I send some of these Cards to the special people in my life.

The Cards are straight from the ‘Top Shelf’. You will be impressed–Promise

3Dcards, 15 A  Maria Place Wanganui