Lights-Camera-Action- No, it’s not a movie set, but it is one of the greatest shows on earth.

It’s the annual NZ National Agricultural Fieldays or should that be changed to NZ Week.No need NZ’s premier event could well mean the same thing.

From Traffic management to a ‘silky smooth’ organizing team, the Fieldays are firmly established, as the showcase of NZ innovation and excellence.

We  at NZ Innovators would love to roll out the  ‘red  carpet’ for both the Fieldays administration  and the  Exhibitors, but unfortunately, they haven’t the time, as it’s all about  getting the’ show on the road’.

For those of you who had the chance to read the article about the  15 year old Ayla Hutchinson, who  initially, with the exposure of the NZ National Agricultural Fieldays,  New Invention Section, which Ayla won, was one of her families’ marketing strategies that have helped a ‘giant killing’ effort  to expand into the American market with her Kindling Splitter

We are sure that many Corporate Boards would give Ayla huge ‘tick’ of approval for her efforts.

Ayla’s success is by no means an isolated case, but typical of the many success stories that flow through the ‘veins’ of this’ juggernaut’, known as the NZ National Agricultural Fieldays.

Well done team

Rain–Hail–Sunshine–We will be there. Hope you can make it as well.