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Car Touch Up Paint Pens

Auto Supply Company

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Car Touch Up Paint Pens

Save time and Dollars with Autosupply Company Car Touch up Paint Pens

Easy to use as simple as a Marker Pen, gently press paint pen tip and cover the scratch with layers of paint, easily repairs light scratches on your Car.


  • Low Cost
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Easy Application
  • No Paint Spills
    Helpful Tips

    Wipe area with methylated spirits to clean the area to be touched up

    Shake the pen vigorously – approximately 30 seconds

    Start pen to flow on any hard surface, if necessary squeeze the body of the pen.

    Apply to the chip or scratch

    If you are not happy with your first few efforts, wipe them off with methylated spirits and start again.

    Practise makes perfect

    Allow to dry if you’re going to apply more than one coat

    Wipe nib clean when finished and store upright in a cool place.

    Need any other help email;