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Wrappa Down Cow Survival Blanket

1 Insulated backline
2 Polar fleece neck cover
3 magnetic neck closure for quick release when cow gets up
4 Weighted perimeter to secure the cover’s position

This game changing thermal blanket is designed especially for your down cow. Cover your down cow with a thermally insulated WRAPPA blanket to create a warm and dry environment, supporting her back to mobility. Designed for easy installation and quick release exit when your cow is ready to get up.

Made from durable canvas. Insulated backline. Polarfleece Neck Cover. Magnetic neck closure. Weighted perimeter to secure the cover’s position.

A new addition to the cover – a Reflective strip along the sides of the cover to make it easy to locate your down cow in the dark.

Easy cleaning – simply hose it down and hang up to dry.

Size Guide: Regular = Jersey/Kiwi Cross/Small Breed, Large = Friesian/Large Breed

* All Regular sizes and Large 21oz are made out of Blue Canvas

* Large 15oz and 18oz are made out of Green Canvas