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Mastitis Diagnosis

Developed by Dr Olaf Bork and his team at the Centre for Innovation, Dunedin, the Mastatest® system is the result of many years’ research and development.

By conducting mastitis milk tests on the farm or in vet clinics in a revolutionary way, the new Mastatest® system has a faster turnaround time to deliver results. More importantly, the Mastatest® system provides outcomes related to antibiotic sensitivities of commonly used mastitis products.
The initial development of Mastatest® was developed within the University Otago, New Zealand.

This innovation comprises the patented Mastatest® and a Lapbox™. Using cutting-edge cloud-based IT solutions enables Mastatest® to deliver diagnostic results to your inbox in three simple steps.

The Mastatest® system is an essential tool for cost-effective antimicrobial usage and prescription practices at farm level