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Project Description


kotahi Phone: 021 937211
Website: www.kotahi.net

IoT Network
In te reo Māori, “kotahi” means “the one”. This reflects KotahiNet’s ambitious goal of becoming a leader of the Internet of Things.

Building for millions of smart “things” needs cheap, ubiquitous wireless connectivity. A purpose-built IoT network lays the foundation for smart services and products. The network is therefore our first, necessary step towards unlocking the benefits of the IoT for New Zealand.

Three things set KotahiNet’s network apart:

A national IoT network
Carrier grade reliability, and
Focus on making it easy, such as sensors pre-integrated with the network.We believe the Internet of Things (IoT) is misunderstood and under-appreciated. This is a challenge but also an opportunity.For us, the Internet of Things is about understanding and controlling the physical world in real time. Just as the Internet has transformed digital industries- such as communications and entertainment- so will the Internet of Things transform physical industries- such as agriculture and infrastructure- by creating a digital representation capable of being sensed, analysed and controlled. Data, insights and action are the keys to creating smart services and real benefits.
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